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今天去了Quesnel Forks, 这次真的是看到了提及在淘金热时代的先辈中国人,还有相片和介绍,下一篇日志在作介绍吧,这里先看看中文的淘金热介绍。

The little town of Quesnel Forks became an important supply centre and stopover along the gold rush trail drawing many temporary residents to the area. This was not to last. After completion of the cariboo wagon road in 1865, Quesnel Forks slipped into relative obscurity and the town of Barkerville took centre stage in a flurry of activity. Most of the remaining townspeople were Chinese immigrants, and at the time Quesnel Forks was reported to have had the third largest population of Chinese residents in British Columbia.
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