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上个星期一(8月8日)去过鬼城(Ghost Town)Quesnel Forks,在此简单介绍一下当年淘金热有关中国人的简况。

The little town of Quesnel Forks became an important supply centre and stopover along the gold rush trail drawing many temporary residents to the area. This was not to last. After completion of the cariboo wagon road in 1865, Quesnel Forks slipped into relative obscurity and the town of Barkerville took centre stage in a flurry of activity. Most of the remaining townspeople were Chinese immigrants, and at the time Quesnel Forks was reported to have had the third largest population of Chinese residents in British Columbia.


简单翻译:Quesnel Forks是一个很小的镇,它成为一个很重要的供应中心,同时也是到这个地区淘金之路的中途歇息站。这个情况没有持续下去,1865年Carliboo马 路完工之后,Barkerville在一阵繁华淘金热中成为了一个中心城市,Quesnel Forks就变为无关重要了。留下大多数的小镇居民是中国移民,那个时候Quesnel Forks成为当年BC省中国人居住数量第三的城镇。
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