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A 95 Years old lady in China now is looking for her young brother, named Tang, To Fai(鄧度輝,邓度辉)original name was Deng, Yaoru(邓耀如), around 87 years old, Original from Humei Village, Luzhou Town, Huiyang County, Guangdong (Canton) Province, China(中国广东省惠阳县芦洲镇湖美村). His elder sister is missing him very much and her last wish in her life is that hoping to know how he is. The best is that she hopes she can see him in the end of her life which is the key point she can live now.
Tang, To Fai’s 86 years old original wife and four children in Guangdong (Canton) Province, China are missing him and looking for him as well.

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